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never fit in

I lay my view on this world
when I donít speak I see it more clearly
why talk? they wonít understand
they keep working on me
but I donít march by command
I always knew as I always will
this place holds no warm embraces
so why come out and try to fit in?
I know there is simply now way
Iíll be ever one of them
never one of them

I made my retreat into safety and quiet
locked in my own private skin
stepping away from the rattle and hum
in here I donít have to fit

I donít have to fit in
I can raise my hand
but I donít have to fit in
I raise my hand

thereís no going back to where I have come from
and here Iím the perfect misfit
I watch them, I listen, I thought I could learn
but Iíll never be one of them
you can label me crazy and label me dumb
my lover thought sorrow could drown
instead the bottle ended up drinking him
slowly under the ground
until he was robbed of everything

I can still raise my hand
but Iíll never fit in
I raise my hand
but Iíll never fit in
never fit in
well I donít have to fit in
but I raise my hand