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cat and mouse

you knock at my door
meow the whole night
but when I open up for you...
you hide
looking for you I climb each tree in my street
I run and run until Iíve got sore feet
accepting youíre gone
devastated and sore
Iíll lock my door and sit down by the fireplace

but once my bones are finally warm
and my body has regained some strength...
I know youíll knock again
loud and persistently

I am tired
please let me be
I am tired
youíre no good for me
this dream has been dreamed

Iím a little mouse sitting under your table
living off the leftovers youíre throwing down for me
I pick íem up and treat each one as a pearl
I collect them and name them and set up a gallery

I suck on the bones of your chicken masala
I Iick on your garbage bin
itís my treasury
oh... thatís the state you find me in

I am tired
please let me be
I am tired
please donít throw nothing more down for me
as thatís for sure no good for me
donít you treat me
donít you tempt me
this dream has been dreamed